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Bowman's Football Planet: RANDOM THOUGHTS

Bowman's Football Planet: RANDOM THOUGHTS: I was going over my short list of predictions and thoughts before the 2011 season started. I thought Barkley was the second best QB in ...


I was going over my short list of predictions and thoughts before the 2011 season started.

I thought Barkley was the second best QB in the country behind Luck.

I thought Trent Richardson was the best RB in the country.

I picked Bama to win the NC

I thought Kellen Moore was a good college QB but said he would never make it in the NFL.

I thought Justin Blackmon was the best WR in the country.

I picked ohio to go 7-5

I picked ND to go 10-2

I picked Michigan 9-3

Not bad I would say

That brings me to the 2012 season. Just a few things I want to throw out there.

I still think Bama and LSU are the two best teams. USC is up there also but don't think they could handle the other two teams on a neutral site with "winner takes all" on the line.

How does any team in the pac 12 stop USC's offense? Arguably the best QB in the country along with arguably the two best WR's in the country. If a team isn't equipped with two top CB's and a free safety who can make quick decisions, they are at a huge dissadvantage and will pay the price.

LSU has the best DL to go along with the best secondary, that's an offensive coordinators and QB's worst nightmare. Your QB either faces the challenge of not having time to throw, if he does have time, is anyone open?

Bama has the best OL by far, an adequate QB, good RB's and a stellar D that has a few gaps. Their LB's are second to none and the secondary and DL's are still at a top level.

Ohio is making some changes with the offense under new coach Urban Meyer. His resume speaks for itself, offensively there are huge questions. They are scary thin at OL, so thin that true freshman Taylor Decker is fighting for a starting spot. 99% of true freshman OL usually redshirt because of the learning curve of college ball, that's a problem. They are also thin at RB, nobody is a 1,000 yd back on the roster. None of the WR's or TE's caught more than 14 balls last year and Braxton Miller is talented but still unproven as well. Defensively, Simon and Hankins are all conference players and the DL and secondary have plenty of experience. Other than Shazier, the LB's are a bit thin as well with not much depth.

From what I hear, Notre Dame is looking for freshman Gholson to start this season. Yes, like Braxton Miller he is talented but unproven. They lost All-American Michael Floyd but do return All-American TE Eifert. If your starting a freshman QB you better be able to run the ball and have a TE who can get open. Notre Dame has a good OL, good RB and a great TE, this is Gholson's weapons and they will run a ton this year if he's starting. Defensively, losing Lynch is a big deal no matter how you justify it. I think Lynch was up there with MSU's Gholston and Jadeveon Clowney as being one of the top up and coming pass rushers in the country. Louis Nix is a space eater, and they have arguably the best MLB in the country. The secondary took a little hit and their schedule is the most brutal in the country.

Michigan also has a tough schedule this season opening with Bama in Dallas and traveling to South Bend at night in the first four games. Michigan returns a senior QB who is as dynamic as they come in college football. With the suspension of star RB Fitz Touissant, things could change up in the backfield with the possible emergence of SO. RB, Thomas Rawls. Michigan's OL is good but not deep, led by All-American LT Taylor Lewan. The WR's have experience with Roundtree and Gallon but then there is a dropoff. That's not good considering neither Roundtree or Gallon are NFL talents but can get open. Defensively, the DL has holes and if Will Campbell can't fill the NG position, it could be a long year for them. Michigan does have an All-American DT in Ondre Pipkins coming in this year. Pipkins is 6'3" 325 lbs and may have to make an immediate impact. Michigan has quality LB's and it's probably the deepest unit on the team. Look for Demens to top 100 tackles this year and FR. Joe Bolden is waiting in his wings to add depth in the middle. Michigan has an experienced secondary coming back from a top ten scoring defense in all the land last season

I think Oregon's Deanthony Thomas is the most electrifying player in college football bar none. He is untouchable in the open field and his quickness and speed are something to witness, it's special and very rare to see that type of atleticism and ability from anyone on the planet. I found myself shaking my head and dropping F - bombs to myself in a empty house watching him work defenses last year.

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Bowman's Football Planet: MICHIGAN, ND, OHIO 2013 RECRUITING

Bowman's Football Planet: MICHIGAN, ND, OHIO 2013 RECRUITING: Considering I am from Ohio, the midwest if you will, there are three teams around these parts that are favored more than any others. Michig...


Considering I am from Ohio, the midwest if you will, there are three teams around these parts that are favored more than any others. Michigan, Ohio, and Notre Dame. Quite a few of us follow recruiting, it's fun to bust each others chops when one of our favorite teams receive a commitment from a blue chip player. I mean, football in the offseason is boring if you don't follow recruiting, this way it keeps the BS going between us to say the least. I follow SCOUT.COM quite a bit and according to their rankings, all three teams have top five recruiting classes for 2013. So I will evaluate every unit on all three teams and give my opinon and explanation on who looks the best. I will start with the third ranked unit and go up to the NO.1.


3. OHIO - JT Barrett, 6'2" 205 lbs

Barrett is the least talked about QB of the three and the most athletic in my opinion. He has a high completion percentage and runs the read option very well, watch how many times he burns the DE on his fakes. He also escapes trouble with ease and his athleticism gives him the ability to extend plays. His pocket presence isn't spectacular and his footwork needs work also. His high completion percentage is from throwing alot of short passes. His mechanics and arm are not on par with Zaire and Morris but He's perfect for Meyer's offense.

2. Notre Dame - Malik Zaire, 6'1" 190 lbs

Zaire is the best QB in ohio and a very confident one also. He committed to a school that is deep at his position, that includes 2012 commit Gunner Kiel. Zaire doesn't question his ability, either do I. A host of schools wanted this young man including his home state ohio. Zaire has all the skills to be a productive D1 QB, arm strength, pocket presence, poise, and accuracy. He's very relaxed and smooth in the pocket, also uses checkdowns well, he's a mature QB for 17 yrs old.

1. Michigan - Shane Morris, 6'3" 200 lbs

There are a handfull of 5 star QB's for 2013 and Morris is one of them. To be honest with you, he isn't any more accurate than Zaire but he has arguably the strongest arm in the country. Morris is also a "road dog", that means he competes at every camp he can, elite 11's, he wants to compete against the best as much as he can. He was one of the top 3 QB's at the opening over the weekend that compares the best QB's in the country for 2013. What's great about Morris is that he committed early and has helped recruit other top players to Michigan. Another quality of Morris is that he's not full of ego, he realizes he has a ton of work to do to be a productive D1 QB. He sometimes stares down WR's and has a history of being inconsistent at camps. Morris is the top QB of the three at this point but it's still high school football folks.


3. Notre Dame - No RB commits for 2013 yet.

2. Michigan - Deveon Smith,- 5'11" 205 lbs

Deveon Smith reminds me of another Smith, Emmitt Smith. He gets through holes quick, runs low and has a vicious stiff arm. Smith is ranked as the NO.7 RB in the nation by Scout and his physical running style and tackle breaking ability is the reason why. He is as strong a RB I have seen on film along with Derrick Green from Virginia. Smith's downfall is his breakaway speed, he doesn't run away from people but does a great job of picking up blitzes and is guilty of being a good blocking back. His speed is questionable but when nobody can tackle him, it doesn't really matter. Michigan is heavily recruiting Derrick Green currently as well.

1. Ohio - Ezekiel Elliott, 6'0" 200 lbs

Elliott has good size but is not much of a north-south runner. He is an agile, quick, and elusive RB with 4.42 speed and a nightmare in space. Elliott doesn't even deal with running behind his OL in most these highlights, instead he just gets the ball and streaks through traffic downfield. A trackstar in the offseason, Elliott catches the ball well out of the backfield as well. Elliott's downfall is his toughness, he looks to get the corner rather than follow blocks.

Ohio - Ohio Jalin Marshall, 6'1" 190 lbs

Marshall is similar to Elliott in his running ability. He is not as fast as elliott but his quickness and agility is on par. It's hard to see the damage he can do in one on one situations because he is playing QB, he is the most explosive player in ohio. He was recruited as a RB but he's more of a slot guy in my opinion. If Marshall is in a one on one situation with a DB, My money is on Marshall, he's that good. You will never see Elliott or Marshall carrying the ball twenty times a game, that's not their specialty. Marshall has actually been demoted as he has lost his fifth star ranking just recently.


3. Ohio - TE Marcus Baugh, 6'4" 225 lbs

Baugh, from California, is a top ten TE in the country. He has great hands and is a matchup problem for every position in the back seven, he needs to be double teamed. Baugh was a standout at the "opening" over the weekend, a combine / 7 on 7 that invites only the best players in the country.

2. Notre Dame - WR Corey Robinson, 6'4" 210 lbs

Finding a Corey Robinson highlight is a challenge, couldn't come up with one. I have seen him on film and since that time he has earned respect from national recruiting services. I thought he was a bit underrated when I watched him, he's very tall but very quick off the line and runs like a deer. He got an invite to go to the "opening" and did well there. He has excellent hands, he kills corners one on one because he uses his body well. Robinson has the potential to be better than any other WR on this list.

WR James Onwualu , 6'1" 200 lbs

I've watched this kid on film before and I'm not blown away, but that doesn't mean anything. He looks to be the best athlete on the field over and over again but I don't see great competition here. He's fast, agile and versatile, he can play different positions. He is a four star recruit by scout, he's not chopped liver by any means, he has potential, size and speed.

TE Mike Heurman , 6'4" 215 lbs

Heurman is potentially as good as any TE in the country. He has the hands, toughness, route running and excellent balance. He is an athlete and an excellent blocker. Another great TE in line at ND.

1. Michigan - WR C'sonte York 6'3" 180 lbs

York reminds me of the older genration WR's from Michigan like Braylon and Terrell. He isn't a burner but still gets separation, plus smaller CB's are a mismatch. He has the hands and just simply outjumps opponents. York will not see Michigan's field for a few years, he needs weight and coaching but is an excellent big target.

WR Jaron Dukes , 6'5" 200 lbs

Dukes is another huge target at 6'5". Recently Dukes has been getting respect and earned a 4th star by Dukes, like York, isn't a burner but a CB's nightmare with his size, hands and jumping ability. Another red zone target who can adjust his body while in mid air. Dukes torched Trotwood Madison for 6 catches for roughly 170 yds and a couple TD's.

TE Jake Butt, 6'6" 215 lbs

Not much TE action here with Butt in these highlights but you get the idea. Kids a complete athlete and already around 6'5" with another year of HS left. Don't question Butt's TE skills, he received all-tournament team selection at the opening over the weekend. He's the best TE in ohio and one of the best in the country.

TE Khalid Hill, 6'3" 235 lbs

Hill committed to Michigan and just shut his mouth. He isn't real interested in recruiting trips or earning a bunch of stars. Hill actually did real well at the 7on7's down in Florida though. Hill is known for tight routes and nice hands, watch that second play of his, gets through traffic and makes a nice catch, with his hands I might add.


3. Ohio - Evan Lisle, 6'6" 265 lbs

This is ohio's only OL commit for the 2013 class but he's a good one. I love this kid, he was a standout as a sophomore. He is an excellent run blocker, he plays with great leverage for a kid who looks lean at 265 lbs. I personally think Lisle is a tackle with his height and athletic ability. He would need a considerable amount of weight to deal with DT's, yes he has time to put on weight but with the depth issues at OL for ohio, this kid may have to play sooner than later.

1. Notre Dame - John Montelus, 6'5" 290 lbs

This kid is a complete OL, could play OG or OT. He's an excellent run blocker and in pass protection both. He is textbook on getting his arms extended in pass protection and keeping his guy at arms length. He's the opposite of lazy and his awareness is spectacular, sometimes working a DT and picking up a LB blitz simultaneously.

Mike Mcglinchey, 6'8" 275 lbs

Mcglinchey is massive and doesn't have a problem moving people around. He has prototypical LT size but I see him on the right side simply because I don't think he moves well enough to play LT. Just a bit too tall to play guard but he is a nice pickup and another four star recruit.

Hunter Bivin, 6'7" 290 lbs

Another massive recruit here in Bivin. Bivin needs some polishing but he's versatile also, playing center in some of these highlights is impressive. They like em tall in South Bend and Bivin at 6'7" could possibly play OG, coaching can make a 6'7" seem 6'5" if necessary.

Colin McGovern, 6'7" 280 lbs

Mcgovern may have the best footwork of the last four lineman I've looked at. Notre Dame is loaded with OT recruits and McGovern is another. Plays with a chip on his shoulder and likes contact, he's very physical, driving opponents into the secondary at times. Mcgovern, Bivin, and McGlinchey look like they were all cut out of the same mold.

Steven Elmer, 6'6" 305 lbs

In my opinion, Elmer and Montelus are the most polished of the OL recruits. There is something about Elmers 25 extra lbs on the other OL that makes him look much bigger and stronger.. He gets out and pulls and can also get to the next level like an experienced lineman. Elmer has also impressed at camps where he is facing elite national talent as well.

1. Michigan - Kyle Bosch, 6'5" 310 lbs

Bosch has gained ten lbs since football ended last season. He is an absolute bull in run blocking duties and can pass protect as well. Bosch is ranked as the top two or three OL in the country by scout. THere are times on film that Bosch will Knock someone on their butts and then look for somebody else to hit.

Patrick Kugler, 6'4" 280 lbs

Kugler isn't polished but is a very highly ranked OL that will probably play center in college. Kugler is pretty nasty and plays at pad level, due to his experience at DT, he knows how to play them as well.

Chris Fox, 6'6" 290 lbs

I'm not so sure Fox doesn't end up on the defensive side of the ball when it's all said and done. He is totally disruptive in the middle of the defense and is very instinctive, getting his hands up and batting balls down definitely stands out. None the less, he was recruited as an OL, and that's where he is slotted at currently. He is an all-american at OL and is massive and uses his leverage well. He pushes piles over and over again in these highlights. Fox is listed at OT, but his bruising play screams OG or DT in my opinion.

David Dawson, 6'4" 305 lbs

Dawson played his SO. year in Houston before playing with Cass Tech last season. He was a unknown 3 star recruit when he committed to Michigan but Hoke and CO. new what they had when they recruited him, he was special. Since then, Dawson has hit the national camp circuit and played well, earning a 4th star and praise from programs all over the country. He is now receiving offers from schools everywhere, it's too late, he is committed to Michigan now. Dawson stops opponents dead in their tracks with his huge athletic body. Dawson can also play OT or OG, adding depth to the OL with kids like him is the new Michigan way.

Logan Tulley-Tillman, 6'7" 280 lbs

Tillman is more impressive in pads during game situations than he is at camps with shorts and t-shirts. Tillman is a bit of a project, he sometimes struggles against speed on the edge against elite talent during camps. He's a bit sloppy but is 6'7" 280 lbs and probably has the most potential for LT or RT than the other recruits. He shows good footwork and his inital punch is nice, just needs work. Remember these kids are only going to be seniors in high sghool, plenty of time to mature.

Yes,I have ND and Michigan as a tie as far as OL. I would give Michigan a slight edge simply because they have (according to
NO.1 OG, 5. OG, 7. OG, NO.4 OT and No. 16 OT. One five star and four -4 stars.

ND - NO.2 OG, 9. OT, 10. OT, 15. OT and 22. OT. All are four star recruits. My justification is that Michigan had every one of ND's commitments on their radar and would have excepted commitments from any of them if they would have committed first.
Here is my reasoning here, both these classes are stellar and I'm pretty sure are NO.1 and 2 nationally. Rankings are great but both programs picked up five blue chip OL, there is something to be said about that. I can't predict who the better class will be.


3. Notre Dame - Jacob Matuska, 6'5" 240 lbs

Matuska is a Columbus, Ohio native from Hartley high school and is an excellent athlete. Matuska is a good TE but is going to a school that is already loaded at that position, not that he can't eventually end up a stud TE but they recruited an atlete. Matuska can run like a WR but I have not seen enough of him at DE to evaluate him. His athletic ability is undeniable, I'm sure Kelly has plans for him.

Isaac Rochelle, 6'4" 250 lbs

Rochelle is another good athlete with excellent strength but is a project. He has the footwork and ability to play DE but plays very upright and stiff. Matuska and Rochelle are two athletes that will need to be groomed for the position.

2. MICHIGAN - Taco Charlton, 6'6" 250 lbs

The jury is still out on Charlton and the jury is me. My initial reaction on Charlton the first time I seen his film was he doesn't play hard and tenacious. He is also plays timid and lazy at times. There are times he is unblockable, I mean don't even run to his side of the field or pray for your QB if he strays in his direction. Charlton is impressive at camps because of his size and athletic ability, he is unblockable in shorts and t-shirt. He is a finesse player, he's a rush end, not built for the strong side. I love his potential, but potential is just that = not there yet. Charlton will need to toughen up and play a bit more violent to be productive at the next level.

Henri Poggi, 6'4" 265 lbs

Don't let this highlight film fool you, Poggi isn't a TE. He is actually one of the premiere SDE/3 tech's in the country and Poggi's only other interest was Alabama in the end. Poggi has all the tools, he sheds blockers with strong hands and his pursuit of the backfield is elite. Poggi has made it clear that he isn't interested in camps or combines, his star rankings are not very important either.

Maurice Hurst JR. , 6'2" 275 lbs

You get the idea after one minute of this film for Hurst. He was recruited as a DT but plays RB, blocks on offense, runs down screen plays and RB sweeps and runs through guys on the OL with ease. How many great athletes can you find that are 275 lbs ? Hurst is one of them. He can eat the middle up like NG, play the run like a SDE and run guys down like a LB, Hurst is the total package.

1. Ohio - Billy Price, 6'4" 287 lbs

Price plays a great SDE and 3 tech also. He has no problem penetrating and abusing offensive lineman. You would think at 287 lbs that he would be a space eater but isn't the case, he needs some speed coming off the ball. He's a very good high school player but take it from me , he's a dumb dumb.

Joey Bosa, 6'6" 260 lbs

Bosa is ohio's prize possession on defense. At 6'6" 260 lbs, he is tall, lean and athletic. Don't let his lean look fool you, he can play inside or outside on the DL and excels at both. He's really quick off the ball, has good hans and his change of direction is excellent, especially when trying to run QB's down in the backfield. He doesn't get juked too much for a big kid, Bosa's a stud.

Michael Hill, 6'2" 315 lbs

I don't think you can ever have enough 300 lb DT's, they are such an asset. Hill is an asset also, he is an athletic 300 lber that plays with good pad level and leverage. He gets off guys decent but he's so strong He just bullrushes guys into ballcarriers.

Tracy Sprinkle, 6'5" 260 lbs

Sprinkle was a surprising commitment for ohio because Meyer supposively only recruits elite athletes, Sprinkle isn't elite. He's a nice size kid with some potential to play SDE or 3 tech. His frame can hold a ton more weight but he's slow and doesn't move real well, he plays a bit stiff.


3. OHIO, They have no commitments for 2013 yet

2. MICHIGAN - Ben Gedeon, 6'3" 220 lbs

Gedeon is the top ranked LB in Ohio and the 10th ranked MLB in the country according to Gedeon is known for his freakish athleticism, he is very strong, like the kid who's 2 yrs older than everybody strong. He plays a very patient LB position, fills gaps, runs down sweeps and is an excellent tackler. Gedeon wraps guys up instead of just runnig into them real hard hoping they fall over.

Mike McCray, 6'4" 218 lbs

McCray is the second ranked LB in ohio, the trotwood Madison product isn't as polished and physical as Gedeon in my opinion. McCray is more of a WLB, he's good in coverage and plays physical, just not with that tenacity of a MLB. He will just add to the ridiculous depth at the LB position in Ann Arbor

1. Notre Dame - Jaylon Smith, 6'3" 220 lbs

Jaylon Smith is the best football player on all three of these teams for 2013, simple as that. After four years will he be the best player as a senior? Who knows, but for now it's not close. He could play college ball right now and be a productive player. He is athletically gifted and football smart as well.

Alex Anzalone, 6'3" 220 lbs

Better known for his wild recruiting trip to ohio that included underage drinking and pictures with child molestors, Anzalone is ND's latest commitment. Anzalone is excellent in space and I think he could play the SS position if necessary. He can hit, he can tackle and cover as well. He will need to add a little bulk for LB, he actually only weighs 210 but he loks a bit light, that's why I like him as a SS.

Michael Deeb, 6'3" 235 lbs

I love kids like Deeb, watch that first play, his setup, he's intimidating looking, he flattens the lineman and then pursues the RB. He's a three star player with a five star chip on his shoulder, he's violent. Kids Like Deeb have not been handed anything, you can see how hard he works on the field. I will take a kid like that over a five star combine monster who thinks he is entitled anyday. Deeb is a player who will be starting at Notre Dame by his sophomore year.

Danny Mattingly, 6'6" 225 lbs

Sorry folks, I can't find film on Mattingly. He's a big lengthy kid who is from the Pacific Northwest and ND wouldn't travel that far for a dud. At that size though, he can add weight and play the edge. 6'6" is an awful tall LB, not that he can;t play there but if he is 6'6" now, where will he be in two years?


3. Notre Dame - Devin Butler, 6'1" 180 lbs

Butler has good cover skills, he can turn n go well and plays the ball when it's in the air. He does a good job in zone and reads the QB like an experienced CB. My question is if his cover skills are good enough for field coerner or is he physical enough to play bench corner? He looks to be somewhere in between.

Rashad Kinlaw, 6'1" 180 lbs

I'm not seeing film on Kinlaws CB skills but he is a nice athlete. I'm sure he has played some corner but do you recruit a QB to play such a difficult position if they don't have much experience? He has the size to play bench corner but quickness and speed are two different animals. You need elite quickness to play CB.

1. ohio - Jayme thompson, 6'2" 180 lbs

Thompson has good closing speed and in the open field. He looks to be a FS, don't see the physical play of a SS.

Darron Lee, 6'3" 210 lbs

I actually like Lee better than Thompson. He's bigger and more physical and he's able to make plays on the ball as well. Watch him read that play at 1:20 mark, He reads, breaks on the ball and then makes the pick 6

Eli Woodard, 6'1" 185 lbs

I like woodard better than any other DB ohio has received commitments from, even All-American Cameron Burrows. Woodard has better technique, his backpedal, his hips, and his ability to lay wood on opponents is superior in my mind. Woodard does have the ability to play field or bench corner. He's physical and his cover skills one on one and in zone are elite.

Cameron Burrows, 6'2" 190 lbs

Burrows plays the ball well and has decent speed, he's an All-American, he should right? Something about him that discourages me, he lacks quickness and agility. He struggled hard against 6'5" Jaron Dukes when matched up against him, Dukes torched him for 170 yds and a couple TD's. Rivals has B
urrows as a five star recruit but I wouldn't trust him one on one with a NO.1 receiver on the wide side of the field.

1. MICHIGAN - Channing Stribling, 6'2" 175 lbs

Stribling is a two star recruit who has been impressive on his camp tour. He impressed at Michigan, they offered, he accepted. He doesn't blow me away, he's a tall lanky deal who is an absolute project but has potential. Long arms and awareness are his upside

Gareon Conley, 6'1" 170 lbs

Conley is ranked the NO.2 CB in Ohio behind Burrows. He's a four star recruit and has nice cover skills and break on the ball. Conley also is good at reading plays and jumping routes. It's a plus that he excels at special teams also.

Jourdan Lewis, 5'10" 170 lbs

Lewis was a standout at the opening last weekend and made the all tournament team. He is an absolute technician and can blanket the best receivers in the country. His quickness, agility and make up speed are top notch

Dymonthe Thomas, 6'1" 180 lbs

At 4:22 is where his defensive highlights start. Thomas is a five star recruit, the best safety in Ohio and one of the top 6-7 safeties in the country. He is MR. fundamental and he does it with explosiveness. He is exceptional at cutting the field off on sweeps and runs sideline to sideline with a purpose. Thomas tackles hard, he can hit but he tackles to bring a man down. He's as good as it gets at the SS position.

OK, So I made it a draw between ohio and Michigan at DB's because they both have the same amount of commitments with four.
ohio has the no.8, no.9 CB's - NO.59, 31 safeties

Michigan has a NR, 22, 15 CB and NO.4 safety.

Some things on this list could change with one commitment. If ohio receives anothr DB commitment, they will have the edge there. Nobody will catch ND's LB haul for sure. ND could catch ohio at DL but Michigan is probably done there. Ohio will not catch ND or Michigan at OL. If Michigan receives a commitment from RB Derrick Green, they will then get the nod over ohio. Michigan will probably get Treadwell and nobody will catch them there either.

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Bowman's Football Planet: CHANNING STRIBLING

Bowman's Football Planet: CHANNING STRIBLING: Plenty of questions surrounding the Michigan offer and commitment for WR-DB Channing Stribling. Why offer a 2 star/NR player who's offer sh...


Plenty of questions surrounding the Michigan offer and commitment for WR-DB Channing Stribling. Why offer a 2 star/NR player who's offer sheet is a who's who of low D1 programs, even some D11 schools as well. Don't worry folks, Michigan's staff is trusted by this Wolverine fan. Look, he' lit it up in Michigan's camp and will receive more attention as he lights up more. He will continue to get more offers and Michigan understands that Stribling, being a 2013 commit, won't see the Michigan field for probably three more years. One more year of high school, another year or two of waiting in the wings of a deep secondary. 6'2" 165 lbs will turn into 6'3" - 6'4" and roughly 185 lbs by the time he see's the field at the next level.

A couple years ago I sit in a press box at a high school game, scouting a couple JR's when a young man started to raise my eyebrows. A kid who had one offer from a MAC school and was a 2 star recruit who didn't blow peoples minds at combines either. Not only did he play on a crappy team who had no heart or coaching, but nobody was talking about him as a playmaker. Their team was being destroyed by another mediocre team, he wouldn't stop motoring through the OL and and wrecking every play. This was late in the fourth quarter when losers give up, take the loss and go home, he wasn't having it. He may have been the best player I witnessed in my five years of evaluating. His name was Roosevelt Nix-Jones. Nix Jones, a low star recruit from Reynoldsburg , Ohio is now an All -American candidate playing at Kent State. Kent State was also the team of Jerome Harrison, an all NFL player. He is a 5'11" 265 lb DT who was the MAC defensive player of the year as a freshman. My point? Just because a kid isn't a combine monster or a 6'5" 300 DT, doesn't mean he isn't a football player. There are a ton of kids like this, Stribling may be the next Nix-Jones.

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Bowman's Football Planet: URBAN OWNS OHIO? PROVE IT?

Bowman's Football Planet: URBAN OWNS OHIO? PROVE IT?: I know I have blogged on this topic recently but there are many uninformed ohio fans still spewing off about how coach meyer owns ohio in...